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Coach Corrallo

Sal and Marjorie Corrallo
Potomac Valley Track Club service awards presentation
August 22, 1999

Salvadore Corrallo coached Maryvale track and cross country from 1960 to 1962, taking over cross country coaching from Al Zielonka. Don Hall was assistant coach, who later succeeds Sal as head coach.

Coach Corrallo holds dearly to the memory of winning the regional championship in 1962, and wants to let the the members of the teams Don and he coached how very important a role they played at the of the start of his professional life, writting "As an official in the US Department of Education, my Maryvale experience, in and out of the classroom, helped me keep the reality of the educational experience for young people right up front when working on program evaluation and policy analysis." He retired from the Department in 1996.

From his home in Millsboro, Delaware, Coach is still part of the track and field world: as an official, a track meet director, and past masters-level racewalker.

He has served as director of national championship and national team qualifying races and was the administrator for the Eastern Racewalking Center, providing athletes with the very best training assistance, racing opportunities and support systems.

Coach will be back in Buffalo in late June 2004 to officiate at the USA Junior National Track an Field Championships. Let's make an effort to see him there and tell him how much we appreciate the fine work he did at Maryvale.

In an email to me, Coach wondered what has become of all the young people he had in the classroom and on the athletic field over the years. So, I'm sure he would love to hear from the students, athletes and colleagues, whose lives, like mine, he has so positively enriched.

You can contact Coach Corrallo at   (coded email address blocks spam spiders)

To read about race walking, go to RACEWALK.com

Salvador Corrallo 1963