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Wally's Bugeye

Austin Healey Sprite

Many remember Reitmeier's red Austin Healey Sprite, the Bugeye, a classic British sports car.

The headlamps were originally designed to automatically retract into the bonnet, creating a smooth streamline when they weren't in use. But cost considerations resulted in them being welded onto the bonnet. The Brits refer to the Sprite as the Frogeye.

Back then, cars didn't have radial tires, airbags, seatbelts, and it was before crash testing and breathalyzers.

However, the Bugeye had a high safe-sex rating. Wally said it could be done, but it required a lot of manipulation, and nearly impossible whilst underway.

Her beautiful eyes, her pouting grill, her shape, the tilt of her bonnet...sigh.

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